Barn Owl - Scientific name: Tyto alba

BARN OWL ARE IN SERIOUS DECLINE - RSPB Status Currently Amber Alert in the UK.  


IUCN Red List considers the worldwide population of Barn Owl remains in the category of 'Least Concern', The question to be considered is - Decline or fluctuation? 

A question of survival?

Introducing Barn Owl Project Hampshire.  A balanced look at how Barn Owl and other species are faring in the UK today. Honest views and frank thoughts, gathered ideas and practical plans. People, who together share environmental interest and want to help keep the story positive. 

All pictures borrowed and credited. All profit to the Barn Owls and other species that will hopefully continue to thrive in the future. All views are personal, all information and details are as accurate and straightforward as we can make them.

Welcome to BOPH - Barn Owl Project Hampshire

A totally non-profit group of amateur volunteer conservationists

Keeping them in our sights

"From the middle of the 19th century, the beautiful barn owl began to decline in Britain. The original decline is thought to have been the result of an increase in persecution. The decline continued as a result of agricultural intensification, poor winter weather, traffic deaths, pesticide use and a loss of hunting and nesting site."          (

With well over 200 species of owl in the world, Barn Owls are considered the greatest worldwide distribution formed of at least 18 subspecies. 

Alert to the falling numbers in the UK offers indicators that affect a whole range of different species, hand in hand they are inseparable and as important as one another.

There is nothing more confusing than extinction, we are wired with the desire to avoid it.  

In order to start a thinking process, BOPH is focusing on wildlife close to home. Three species facing increasing hardship in the UK today. The Barn Owl, The Kestrel and The Hedgehog,

(among many others).


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What do you think of volunteering?

Would it surprise you to know that just a few years ago volunteering contributed an estimated £23 billion to the UK economy.  Over the last year an estimated *44% of adults volunteered, 29% of those monthly.  It has become an inevitable crutch for the UK yet the message does describe a considered and conscientious group of people around us, an image more peaceful than the **84,000 currently imprisoned in the UK today, nearly up to capacity...

So within the remaining 56%, some are simply not wired but some just need their interest sparked! 


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